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This latest edition of The Divine Plan of the Ages has a beautiful full color cover The book contains the Chart of the Ages, which enables the student to trace man's experiences from PARADISE LOST to PARADISE RESTORED. With over 1600 Old and New Testament Scriptures, all of the great Bible themes are explained clearly  and harmoniously, including the great time periods in God's Plan, why God has permitted suffering, the object and manner of Christ's return, the day of judgmeWnt, ransom, restitution and God's benevolent kingdom.

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Studies in the Scriptures not only attempts but succeeds in harmonizing the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, in the light of the Bible's own inspired statements. All of God's dealings with man, the Church, Angels, Israel, Gentile gove rnments and more are clearly discussed in depth. All of God's divine principles, promises, types, and prophecies are examined both in their philosophy and in their momentous outworkings. This work has truly been described as the 20th Century's single most important Bible Expository!

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