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The Divine Plan of the Ages soft-cover magazine edition contains the Chart of the Ages, which enables the student to trace man's experiences from PARADISE LOST to PARADISE RESTORED. With over 1600 Old and New Testament Scriptures, all of the great Bible themes are explained clearly  and harmoniously, including the great time periods in God's Plan, why God has permitted suffering, the object and manner of Christ's return, the day of judgmeWnt, ransom, restitution and God's benevolent kingdom.

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Volume 2 - Scripture Studies: The Time is at Hand  thoroughly examines Bible chronology as it relates to “the time of the end” and “the times of restitution... spoken by the mouth of all His holy prophets since the world began.” (Acts 3:21) Interlocking time prophecies, the second advent of Christ, insights from the book of Daniel, the Antichrist, and our means of defense in this time of trouble are all clearly examined.

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